Saturday, May 14, 2011


People's watch all what you do and anything happens to you...
People's hear all the words thats you just said to them..
They blaming you..
They judges you...
It's all just because...
People's can talk anything about you..
Coz they don't really know what actually happen to you...
Coz they can't realize who you are..
They can say like that coz they was not in your shoes..
People's see your smile..
People's hear your laugh..
You just looks so happy in they eye's..
But did they know that you just cry inside..?
Sadness and loneliness inside your sorrow heart..
Did they noticed that you just stress out with your life..?
For you..
Never lets people's turn your life upside down ..
Just let go what peoples said about you..
Just take their criticism as a positive way..
Take thats as something that can motivated you..
Just be strong  in your lifetime..

This poetry is made by the owner of this blog( in 20.July.2009...Copyright Protected..

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Special Notes For My Dear Darling

"Your love is like an ocean that’s flows into my soul,

Your voice is sweet like music that calms my lonely world,

Your hands is my protection from hurt deep down inside,

I can’t do much without you, I can't go on alone"~merpatiputih88.

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