Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poetry:- Always Be Positive...

If other people said that you can't,
Just ignore its, Be strong and prove that they was wrong,
If other people said that you are ugly,
Just remember that's everyone has there own beauty,
If other people try to said anything bad about you ,
Just take it easy,
What ever people want to judge you let them be,
Please keep smiling and take it as positive way,
Prove it, what ever that they said won't make you down,
All you should do is keep trying and keep praying to Allah,
So then, you will be a success person in your life..
Always be strong and be positive!

"Call me stupid, won't make you smart,
Call me brainless, won't make you genius,
Call me ugly, won't make you beauty,
Call me nerd, won't make you cute,
Said anything bad about me, won't make me down,
Coz I will prove it that some day I will be more succeed than you!"
~ Feb, 2002- My own Personal Diary~

Note: This poetry made by my self, the owner of this blog. Copyright Protected..

Ps:- Teringat balik poetry nie, walaupun diari nie dah kena bakar..huhu...Ok mari kita dengar lagu nie:-

Semoga lebih  bermotivasi!


aniki said...

terbaikla...semoga anda lebih bersemangat

Run Away said...

cayookkkk..beb.../salam kenal...;d

Hana Soffelia said...

Thanks for this poetry, really inspired.

U, sgt berbakat. ^_^

Namee Roslan said...

hello merpati . how do u do lately ? are u good ? :)

Dr. Fox said...

nice poet :)

Terbang Bersamaku said...

aniki :- biase2 jer..btw, thanks ye....smoga awk ceria2 selalu & sentiasa bersemangat juga..

Run Away :- thanks...salam perkenalan juga...thnaks sbb sudi singgah dan baca entry sy..(^___^)

Hana Soffelia :- yups ur welcome..takdelah biase jer..nie poetry lama mase zaman sekolah..(^__^)

Namee Roslan :- I'm ok & I'm just fine..thanks for your care..(^__^)

Dr. Fox :- thanks...(^__^)

Special Notes For My Dear Darling

"Your love is like an ocean that’s flows into my soul,

Your voice is sweet like music that calms my lonely world,

Your hands is my protection from hurt deep down inside,

I can’t do much without you, I can't go on alone"~merpatiputih88.

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